3D Laser Scaning


3D Laser Scaning

The surface contour of objects, structures, environments are instantly captured while the distance between several spots is quickly calculated using a laser rangefinder. Laser scanning is currently the most precise and thorough method of 3D scanning.

3D Laser Scanning

P rovides a comprehensive 3D measurement of the target's structure in a simple-to-process format.

3D modeling

Existing structures are measured for appearance and then replicated as 3D models that may be viewed online.

3D CAD Models

To meet your needs, we provide a variety of 3D CAD models in different formats and levels of complexity.

3D Virtual Reality

We may use interactive 3D walkthroughs to professionally specify the objects, buildings, and places.


Registration of geometric information of monuments, statues, archaeological remains, etc.

The Standard Deliverables